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K'bue-- Libertia Red Rain at Whiteout (IKC) WTD WPD  AWPD'C'B  AWTD'C  *18/05/2021  

K in harness.jpg

Tuuli - -RBBISS MBPISS Electra Illa Kuvianartok at Whiteout (IMP POL) WLD WTD WPD AWTD'C'B'S AWPD'C'B 

                 * 27/11/2016   *click pictures for pedigree, health tests and achievements*

cropped Tuuli.jpg
2019-03-22 (134).JPG

Vortex -- RBPISS Grand Reef Rock Illa Kuvianartok at Whiteout (IMP POL)  WTD WPD AWTD'C'B AWPD'C'B'S  *12/12/2014       *click pictures for info on pedigree, heath tests and achievements*

2016-dec.01 (66).JPG
2019-06-22 (19).JPG

Denali-- BIS RBIS RBPIS Indian Dreamcatcher Illa Kuvianartok at Whiteout (IMP POL) WLD WTD WPD AWTD'C'B'S  AWPD'C'B'S   *09/04/2012  *click pictures for info on pedigree, health tests and achievements* 

2015-10-07  (120).JPG
amw-136_0386_15 Farlap Photography.jpg
2014-07-04 (139).JPG

Rainbow Bridge

You have left my life, but you will never leave my heart.

2014-Dec-29 (35).JPG
Woody copy.jpg

Yukon - ♂ - Cristakell Aeolian Mist
at Whiteout  WPD AWPD'C'B'S  * 04.12.2009 - 19/07/2021

Terra -♀- Cristakell Aishen Tor at Whiteout  17/05/2007 - 08/08/2020   

Fizz -  - Shomont Janshay Shellacque  
17/10/2000 - 03/04/2012

Woody -♂- Cristakell Knockando           13/10/2000 - 13/07/2010

Zudnick - -  Cristakell Margret May  19/03/1994 - 18/11/2005

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